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Legal Information
All copyrights and all other rights to the content on the DamarDirect.com website is secured and solely owned by DamarDirect.com. All original work as well as all reproductions and derivative works thereof are solely owned by DamarDirect.com. DamarDirect.com reserves the entire right, title, and interest in all works of the DamarDirect.com website.

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Privacy Statement
DamarDirect.com respects the concerns of its members in regards to their privacy, confidentiality, and the use of data. DamarDirect.com has provided this privacy statement in order to show our commitment to your privacy.

DamarDirect.com does not provide or release names or e-mail addresses of members to any third party without the member's explicit permission. DamarDirect.com does not and will not use cookies or any other technology to track or report member activity when they are not on DamarDirect.com, nor pass member data to other websites.

DamarDirect.com uses member data to direct editorial content to members who are most likely to be interested in information about specific subject matter, as well as to determine the advertisements to be seen by the member while using DamarDirect.com.

Members may elect to have their user name and password "remembered" by the server by using internet "cookie" technology. Members who use this service will be able to bypass the "sign-in" process on each visit to DamarDirect.com. Cookie technology also helps DamarDirect.com determine which features and services are important to which audiences so that we may know where to invest our ongoing development and creative efforts.

DamarDirect.com advises members of new articles and features in its "bulletin". DamarDirect.com's monthly "bulletin" email provides new articles and features posted to DamarDirect.com during the month. Instructions for "unsubscribing" are provided in each issue. Email highlights of expert-authored summaries or of upcoming events and conferences of interest to members will be delivered as well.

DamarDirect.com or its agent reserves the right to write or call members in the process of performing marketing research about its service. Any research on behalf of a third party will be clearly identified as such.

DamarDirect.com may offer services on a limited basis to demographically identified groups of members. At the member's request, DamarDirect.com may provide communications and services between a third party and the DamarDirect.com member. For example, a customer may wish to request samples from a manufacturer. This would require that the member release his/her name and address to the manufacturer. In all such instances the information to be released to the third party will be explicitly noted to the member.

DamarDirect.com will inform all registered DamarDirect.com members if there is a change in its privacy policy. If you have any questions about the privacy statement or the practices of this website, please contact us at:

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